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Midlife is not just a crisis;
it’s an opportunity for reflection, growth, and finding yourself.
Join us in navigating the complexities of midlife, in community.

White Puffy Clouds
Health Scare Turns a Pessimist Into a (Cautious) Optimist
An Easter weekend health scare transforms this pessimist by shifting focus to gratitude, presence, and...
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Follow-Through Title Image
The Follow-Through
Blogging consistently is hard work. Because life is unpredictable, and is hard work. I started this blog...
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Self-Kindness for Overly Critical People-Pleasers
I’ve realized recently that my people-pleasing tendencies are directly tied to the difficulties I have...
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Turn Regret Into an Engine of Progress With These 3 Steps
These 3 practical steps can transform your regrets from things you misunderstand and fear into engines...
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Regret. We All Need a Little More of It...wait. What?
Dan Pink says regret is a good thing and the better we understand the things we regret the most, the...
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Green Peas
Learning to Like 3 Certain P’s, Just Not the Green Ones.
Learning to like vegetables is a milestone for every kid, it seems. When I was young there weren’t many...
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